Wu-Tang Clan

The Character of Sound by Jefferson Geiger

Think about the last soundtrack to a movie or television show you bought and listened to. Soundtracks to musicals don’t count. Neither do the soundtracks to programs about singers or musicians, fictitious or otherwise. And I mean really listened to. Like, the CD is still in your car or it’s one of your most played albums on your iPod. It’s probably been a while right?

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I'm Sorry For My White Tastes In Music by Jefferson Geiger

The first album that I ever bought with my own money was Creed’s “Human Clay.” The first concert I ever attended was Nickelback with 3 Doors Down. If it pains you to read those sentences, trust that it pained me even more to write them. Thankfully cultural tastes aren’t solidified at birth and mine have improved over the years.

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