Luke Cage

A 2016 Retrospective by Jefferson Geiger

I've tried to come up with a fitting intro for days. However, there's no way I can aptly summarize the highs and lows of 2016. So, if I can be selfish for a bit, I'll focus only on my highs here. As you probably know, I all but officially stopped freelancing and became a full-time reporter. I wrote about my first week here. Yet even before that I wrote some stuff that I'm proud of. Which brings me to this list.

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The Character of Sound by Jefferson Geiger

Think about the last soundtrack to a movie or television show you bought and listened to. Soundtracks to musicals don’t count. Neither do the soundtracks to programs about singers or musicians, fictitious or otherwise. And I mean really listened to. Like, the CD is still in your car or it’s one of your most played albums on your iPod. It’s probably been a while right?

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