Happy 100th 'Steven Universe' by Jefferson Geiger

I first found Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe” through my love of animation. The show’s storyboard artist Ian Jones-Quartey did voice work for “Bravest Warriors” which was created by Pendleton Ward who made the other Cartoon Network hit “Adventure Time.” Both Jone-Quartey and Rebecca Sugar, creator of “Steven Universe,” also storyboarded episodes of “Adventure Time.” This whirlpool of talent storms up an all-ages show that’s a rare find.

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Netflix and the power of nostalgia by Jefferson Geiger

Netflix knows their demographic (read: millennials) extremely well. Like when Pixar made Toy Story 3, they know what we watch today and what we grew up watching. Because of this, many Netflix original shows and movies are reboots, revivals, sequels and prequels.

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Stop With The Aftershows by Jefferson Geiger

I have a love-hate relationship with AMC. On one hand, they’re part of the reason there’s so much great television shows on the air today. On the other, they’re part of the reason there’s so many aftershows on the air today.

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