Broken Age

Kickstarter is not a store by Jefferson Geiger

If you’ve been paying attention to the quality of photos in the Valley Courier, you may have noticed that I got a new camera. And getting a new gadget, at least for me, means getting a slew of new accessories. Of course after the shopping spree one must get another accessory to hold all their accessories.

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Game(s) of the Year 2015 by Jefferson Geiger

Since last summer I got a PS4 and finally entered the current console generation, it’s now possible for me to do a Game of the Year list. You may find that the list is a little irregular because I didn’t play a lot of games that actually came out in 2015, however, I find it to be pretty complete. A couple of the games below I wrote about for Haywire Magazine, too. They try to get as many critics to write about as many games as possible, which makes them a bit more unique than other sites. So, without further ado...

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