Hello from the High Country / by Jefferson Geiger

Summit Daily News

If you haven’t followed my social media channels or seen the announcement in two different newspapers, then the following words may come as a shock: I am no longer at the Valley Courier.

Instead, I am now a copy editor at the Summit Daily News. Two years ago I wrote a similar post in which I was afraid of career immobility. Now I’m working at a paper and living in community that I’ve wanted to be at for a very long time.

I’m not going to reiterate my farewells so you can read those here if you haven’t already.

It feels strange to joyfully write about journalism given the current events. There too many conflicting thoughts and emotions running through my head to hash out a proper piece so I’m instead going to focus on my new job. I moved across the state to a town I’ve only vacationed in for a new role. It was stressful, but worth it. I’m about to start my third week and the transition is still in progress, but I’m loving every moment.

To switch gears for a moment, the last blog post on here referenced the annual Colorado Press Association’s awards. So, to update you, I won four different photography awards at the conference. You can see some of the photos on this site and you can also check out the story about the conference for additional links.

I doubt I’ll have any luck in the association’s awards this year since I’ve taken on a more behind-the-scenes position but there are categories based on design and page layout so who knows. Anything is possible, which is probably what excites me the most about this new path..

Until then, take care, remember that you are loved, and thank you for following me.