A 2018 Retrospective / by Jefferson Geiger


What a year. On one hand, its felt like an eternity. Can you believe that the Olympics and “Black Panther” happened this year? Or that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was canceled and resurrected? I almost forgot that I saw “Hamilton” this year!

On the other, the past six months since starting my new job absolutely flew by. Considering what they say about fun and the passage of time, I suppose that’s a good thing.

I’ve cheated a bit by linking to works already, but here are other articles I’m proud of.

10. South River Road Evacuated

This was an interesting exercise in breaking news. It was also interesting reporting from an office that I was supposed to evacuate.

9. San Luis Valley Health Opens Cancer Center

A project years in the making finally happens.

8. Baumgardners open hearts and home

A wonderful story of a family that fosters love.

7. Closing The Book on Narrow Gauge Newsstand

I’m an arts and entertainment journalist so naturally I enjoy profiling artists, especially when they land an exhibit.

5. Colorado Malting Company Opens One-Of-A-Kind Farm Brewery

I love writing about beer and love it even more when an Alamosa family can put San Luis Valley on the map.

4. Michael Glabicki grows his sound with Uprooted

If you wanted to know the story behind the ‘90’s song “Send Me On My Way” or what happened to the band since then, read on.

3. Breckenridge Film Festival Screens World Premiere of ‘Waterlily Jaguar’

Chatting with creatives who put their heart and soul into their work is always wonderful.

2. Breckenridge International Festival of Arts Begins

I’m glad I got to know Isak Heartstone (and his creator Thomas Dambo) before his unfortunate demise.

1. So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

This has been the biggest change in my life since my family packed our bags and moved across the country. One could say that move was leading up to this the whole time.

You can read 2017’s and 2016’s lists at their respective links. I don’t know what 2019 will bring, but remember that you are loved.