One Week In / by Jefferson Geiger


On Friday, I finished my first week as the newest full-time reporter of the local paper. Tomorrow, the second week begins.

The morning of my first day was spent taking photographs of the grand opening of a breakfast restaurant franchise. That night I covered our local vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting. 

Friday, I went to an apartment complex to cover a summer reading program. The children who live there are mostly the kids of migrant farm workers and don't have the means of transportation to get to the local library. So each week a different member of the community reads them a story while talking about their jobs. For the first week it was a pair of firefighters. It's a great program that reinforces the importance of reading while informing the kids of other career opportunities and I'm glad I could get the word out about it.

So yeah, it's been an exciting whirlwind of a week.

However, I'd be lying if I said this was my dream job and that I didn't hesitate to apply for it. For the past two years I've been applying to every place I could but here.

What if I'm stuck in this town forever? Sure, I'm getting experience, but what if it isn't good enough? Could this actually hurt my resume?

But, after this first week, most of those fears have abated. I'm looking forward to the paper growing my skills and hopefully growing the paper in return.

Here's to Week 2, Month 2, and Year 2. Thanks for the support and coming with me on this journey.