A 2016 Retrospective / by Jefferson Geiger

I've tried to come up with a fitting intro for days. However, there's no way I can aptly summarize the highs and lows of 2016. So, if I can be selfish for a bit, I'll focus only on my highs here. As you probably know, I all but officially stopped freelancing and became a full-time reporter. I wrote about my first week here. Yet even before that I wrote some stuff that I'm proud of. Which brings me to this list.

In publishing order, starting with the most recent, here are my top 10 pieces of the year. Click on the title or picture to read.

10. Other than that, how was the play Mr. VP?

Even though I said its simply in reverse chronological order, this piece also just happens to be my favorite of the year. I'm forever grateful to the fine folks at ZAM for accepting my pitch and letting me share such a personal essay like this. Thanks for reading and thanks for your support. See you in 2017.